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Du Verden Sortland

Restaurant and popular meeting place at Blåbrygga.

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Du Verden Sortland AS
Rådhusgata 26
8400 Sortland
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Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 11.00 – 22.00
(kitchen closes at 21.00)

Friday - Saturday: 11.00 – 23.00
(kitchen closes at 22.00)

Sunday: Closed

For us at Du verden Sortland it is very important that our guests feel welcome and enjoy a good meal in a cozy environment.

You can now preorder lunch between 11.00 and 15.00 by choosing table number 99 in our *Dine in* menu and write a comment with the time you wish your food to be ready or order take-away by using this link: Weorder App Du Verden Sortland.
The prices are 8% cheaper when you order take-away.

By using the App you get 5% of your order as cash-points, wich you can use next time.

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Tenderloin beef 180g

kr 415

Vegetables, fries and bernaise/ pepper sauce

kr 245,-

Du Verden's Hamburger

kr 265,-

Cheddar, bacon, chili mayo, onion and fries

Milk, egg, wheat, sulfite, celery, mustard

Creamy fish soup

kr 215/ 285,-

Fish soup with shrimp and chives

Fish, shellfish, wheat, milk, celery, sulfite

Ytrefilet av kalv

kr 415,-

Stekes i hvitløkssmør, serveres med potetmos, gulerot, sukkererter og sylta salat

Chambre séparée

Host your event with us!

At Du Verden Sortland, we are happy to accommodate larger groups. Therefore we offer you the possibility to create your own menu. A mix and match philosophy. Everyone in the party are required to have the same menu. With a larger group there is always the possibility that some have an intolerance or food allergy, and with this as everything else we are happy to assist.



We can help with food at your event!

At Du Verden Sortland, we are more than  happy to step out of our establishment to help with food at your event. Contact us at post@duverdensortland.no for further information.

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Use #duverdensortland on your pictures, and follow us on instagram!@duverdensortland


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